Location: Economic Development Coalition - 43200 Business Park Dr., Temecula, CA

We invite Business Leaders in our region to gain insight on how you can better raise employee performance, improve leadership skills, and identify challenges in the workplace.

Jonathan Seitz is a Partner in Crestcom Southern California, a Leadership, and Development organization dedicated to delivering results through skill development.  Prior to joining Crestcom, Jonathan served on the executive team of two multi-national businesses and owned and managed two successful start-ups. With over 35 years of positive impact through coaching, mentoring, and leading others to achieve, Leadership and Management Development is an extension of his passion and experience.

Brian Link is a business partner with Crestcom of Southern California. Crestcom is an internationally recognized leader in professional workplace development training offering their award winning Bullet Proof® Manager Leadership and Management training program. Mr. Link has executive management experience in the hospitality/gaming industry and is also a retired California law enforcement officer having served over twenty years in varies roles in law enforcement functions from patrolman to management.  Mr. Link has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Management and a Master of Arts degree in Business Management.  Mr. Link has extensive experience in facilitating and teaching before professional audiences. His philosophy is, “If a good leader can foster positive influence, build trust, develop credibility and command respect. Imagine what a bad leader could do.”