Regional Branding Initiative

What do you call a meeting where 10 elected officials from five different cities are in the same room meeting with all those cities’ development directors, city managers, and county representatives? Impossible. And yet, it’s happening.

Every one of the five cities in the region will be sending two city council members, a city manager or representative and development directors to meet August 30th at 10:00 in the Community Center at Temecula City Hall. The herculean effort by all 5 of the region’s city managers to get all these people in one place at one time will culminate in a collective understanding of what the EDC and the region is trying to accomplish through Regional Branding.

“This is not a rookie effort,” said EDC director, Doug McAllister. “We know we need the support of all five city councils and members to gain support for the idea of issuing a Request for Proposals that will detail how to cohesively market our corner of California and include every city in that proposal.

“We’re not asking for money,” he said. “We want everyone to understand the scope of what we’re trying to do.” The goal would be consensus on a joint Request for Proposals.

The Regional Branding initiative will be for marketing professionals as well as the general populace since this “is not an individual effort,” said McAllister. “It’s a very important and significant event. We need massive input from everyone!” The result should be a joint RFP that all the cities can support.

The meeting will be August 30, at 10:00 in the Community Center at Temecula City Hall.

For more information, call Doug at the EDC offices: 951-694-9800.