How You Can Help Your Favorite Small Business

Want to know how you can get involved in helping small businesses? Join us in our Adopt a Business Campaign to help small businesses. Help your favorite local small business get through these challenging times so you can still enjoy their products and services when we get through this. Below are various ways you can help adopt a business.


How to Adopt a Business:

  1. Social Media Promotion- Share their posts and/or your own experiences with them on your social media.
  2. Buy a Gift Card- Purchase a gift card from them to use at a later time or to give to someone who may need it.
  3. Order To-Go- Continue to enjoy your favorite food and drinks but from the comfort of your home.
  4. Order Online- Purchase products from your local business by ordering online and getting them delivered directly to your home.
  5. Start a Crowdfunding Campaign for Them- Raise money for your favorite small business by starting a GoFund Me page for them.
  6. Tell Your Story and Why This Business Is Important To You- Let your friends, family, and followers know through word of mouth and social media why this business is great and why they should support it.