EDC Executive Director

- Mission Statement -
The EDC unites public and private stakeholders to leverage the region’s competitive
advantage, attracting business, and supporting a high quality of life.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The EDC’s Executive Director will oversee fundamental tasks regarding the Economic Development Coalition’s operations in pursuit of the advancement of the region’s economic development, consistent with the organization’s Mission Statement. The individual in this position is expected to develop policies that facilitate the economic growth of the region and develop working relationships with members of the community, including public sector entities, local businesses, and the general public. Maintaining these personal relationships is often the key to success in this position.

Economic Development Director Tasks:

  • Report to/collaborate with the Board of Directors/Officers to accomplishing EDC’s Mission.
  • Hire, mentor, and evaluate a team, setting goals, and defining projects.
  • Collaborate with many stakeholders and create positive relationships.
  • Develop and implement policies to expand the reach and scope of the EDC.
  • Create, report on, and adjust the organization’s budget, including setting financial goals.

Nature of Work:

Performs a variety of administrative, technical, and professional work in preparation and implementation of economic and community development plans, programs, and services.

This position is responsible for working closely with the region’s stakeholders in promoting its business and economic development interests. This position will include providing guidance to individuals and companies to establish, relocate, or expand their businesses within the community. This position is a direct report to the President of the EDC Board of Directors.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Directs economic development initiatives to achieve the goals and objectives outlined by the Economic Development Coalition’s strategic plan and guided by the EDC’s Board of Directors.

Provides assistance in the development of short and long term economic and community development plans, as well as the gathering of information and preparation of studies, reports, and recommendations to achieve such goals. This will involve the preparation and maintenance of information on utilities, taxes, zoning, transportation, community services, financing tools, and incentives, in order to respond to requests for information for economic development purposes.

Works with the region’s Chambers of Commerce to identify areas of concern in the promotion of business location and expansion within the entire region.

Maintains a liaison with the region’s local, state, and federal agencies, coordinating projects with agencies as deemed necessary and appropriate. 

Provides information and/or makes presentations to supervisors, boards, commissions, civic groups, businesses, individuals, and the general public on economic development issues, programs, services, and plans.

Becomes familiar with the existing inventory of available buildings and business and residential development sites within the community. This will include both public and private buildings and land areas.
Prepares grant proposals and applications, contracts, and other necessary documents as may be required for necessary community services.


The ideal candidate will possess the education and experience necessary to immediately engage public and private sector decision-makers, which would preferably include at least 5 years’ experience working in an EDC context. Candidate should possess a Bachelor’s degree and work experience in the public or private sector of at least 5 years.

Commensurate with experience. 

Submission Deadline: July 31, 2020, by 5 PM.

Please submit questions concerning this position by July 17, 2020, by 5 PM