Over 531 thousand residents call the Valley of Innovation home.  These residents have a median age of 34.9 years, a per capita income of $31,427, a median household income of $81,201 and a median net worth of $172,714.

People move here for the safe environment, excellent schools and the affordable cost of entry into the business and residential markets.  The region has a median home value of $392,790.

We have 15,348 businesses employing 126,029 people.  The combined unemployment rate for the region is 3.0%.  This compares favorably to Riverside County at 3.8% and the State of California at 3.5%.  The low unemployment rate may look like it makes finding qualified employees for a business difficult, however, our total population is 531,410 and our daytime population is 455,533.  This leaves over 75,000 residents commuting out of our area every day.  This presents an incredible opportunity for a business to find the qualified employees they need.

Our Community Profile Demographics are included below.

Population: 69,558

Population: 97,093

Population: 117,683

Population: 117,413

Population: 37,229

Population: 438,976