Craft Beer

In 2017, the craft beer industry brought in $76.2 billion into the U.S. economy. In 2018, the craft breweries in the region brought in a revenue of about $24.7 million. The Temecula Valley Brewers Guild (founded in 2017) has contributed in increasing the success within the industry. They have been part of charity work by donating over $80,000 to organizations locally.  

Aftershock believe in two approaches to brewing: a scientific approach and an artistic approach.

Garage Brewing Co. was established in 2013. They have accomplished creating a family-friendly environment, serving quality beer and pizza.

Relentless Brewing Co., a family owned craft brewery has a passion for beer. Try one particular style called "Sour."

Black Market Brewing Co. is committted to serving quality products and have earned awards for their work.

Specializing in their unique brand and their ale, Ironfire Brewing Company has stoodout in the industry. Make sure to visit its two locations in Temecula. 

Refuge Brewery has sought to follow the concept of old world Belgian breweries with a touch of modern tactics to create their unique beer. Their Refugee beer, Blood Orange Wit, is sold throughout Southern California.

Craft Brewing Company, a family owned company, continues to create beer that is enjoyed by many. 
Make sure to visit their two locations in Temecula and Lake Elsinore.

Established in 2013,  Stone Church Brewing have earned awards for their IPA. 

Wiens Brewing Co. was founded in 2012. The success of their family winery led to the opening of the brewery. They make sure to create quality beer for their customers.