Our Economy

Our economy thrives from the different aspects that contribute to it. Our growing tourism, wine industry, craft beer industry,  upcoming talent, and businesses are what keeps our economy growing.


Temecula's craft breweries are among  part of the thriving craft beer industry in California. In 2017 the craft beer industry brought in $76.2 billion into the U.S. economy. In 2018 the craft breweries in the region brought in a revenue of about $24.7 million. The Temecula Valley Brewers Guild (founded in 2017) has contributed in increasing the success within the industry. They have been part of charity work by donating over $80,000 to organizations locally.  


The region is known for the vast amount of wineries. The majority of the wineries are in Temecula along with some in Lake Elsinore and Murrieta. Our member growers have made sure that the grapes grown in their vineyards result in quality condition ready to be made into delicious wine. The Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country just celebrated 50 years in 2018 and has brought in opportunites and continuing revenue into our economy. From the annual gathered data we are able to see progress year by year. 



Our region brings in a vast amount of visitors annually. Temecula Valley A.V.A (American Viticulture Area), otherwise known as our popular wine valley, garners the majority of our visitors. Old Town Temecula, Wine & Balloon Festival, De Portola Wine Trail, and Pechanga Resort & Casino are all locations that make visitors come back again. The Temecula Valley Travel & Tourism Industry is expected to continiously grow.

Make sure to visit the Temecula Valley website to learn more about the history, highlights and the rich appeal that brings over 2 million visitors annually.