We realize how important it is to choose the proper location for your business. Our team will work with you to identify your needs and will put together a thorough program that will take advantage of everything the Southwest California Region has to offer, allowing your businesses to grow.

We connect companies with resources needed for growth:

  • Economic Research and Analysis: Evaluate demographics, real estate, tax incentives, labor prices, transportation, and other customizable data while comparing annual operating expenses across major markets.
  • Regional Labor Market Data: Includes current wage rates, labor force and skill levels by occupation and industry, as well as labor force availability statistics.
  • Cost Comparison: Illustrate how operating your business in the Southwest Riverside Region may enhance your bottom line and bring value to your organization with an in-depth analysis. 
  • Site Visits: Gather a comprehensive list of value-based assets, distinctive buildings, and shovel-ready locations to find suitable land and properties.
  • Performance-Based: Southwest Riverside County, California, offers performance-based incentives to businesses that are starting, relocating, or expanding operations. Job creation, payroll statistics, fixed-asset investment commitment, project location, and project return on investment are just a few of the project aspects that influence funding selections.
  • Workforce Training and Recruitment Resources: Identify a company's talent challenges and develop long-term talent recruitment strategies that support candidates at every stage of the hiring process.
  • Facilitate Connections: Introduce your organization to critical resources such as corporate leaders, state and local employees and elected officials, educational institutions, and real estate developers that you will need to be successful.
  • Marketing, Communications, and Event Support: Support ground-breaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies through media coordination and event participation; collaborate on the production and dissemination of external communications to highlight company growth.

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FAM stands for “familiarization” tour. It brings people to our Southwest Region to experience everything we have to offer first-hand. Our first tour will be focused on available buildings, shovel-ready lots, and our business-friendly climate. We will be hosting this tour in partnership with the 5 cities and Riverside County.

Connie Stopher
Phone:  951-557-8040