The Valley of Innovation has the talent pool employers have been looking for to expand their business opportunities and ensure their success in the future.


  • There are over 530 thousand residents in the region.  We have a highly educated population with 90% of our residents graduated from High School, 38% have some college and 27% have a bachelor’s degree or above.
  •  Currently, over 60% of our residents are considered “white collar” employees.  The median age in our region is just under 35 years old.  The average per capita income of our residents is $31,427, the median household income is $81,201, and the median net worth is over $172,000.


The opportunity for new employers, and those existing businesses that wish to expand, lies in the 75,000 residents that commute out of our area every day.  Join the Economic Development Coalition in our efforts to find jobs for these commuters, near their homes, so they can enjoy the incredible lifestyle we have to offer 24/7.